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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Paper Lions

The Canadian group is allowing us to stream a track off their up-coming EP, ACQUAINTANCES (due out Mar. 4).




The Boston band have released a third video for a song off their new (Jan. 28) LP, HELD IN SPLENDOR.  This one is for “Eye of the Pearl” and features the band preforming it live.


Damon Albarn

Earlier this week, I posted the first single off Albarn’s (Blur) debut solo LP (due out Apr. 29).  He has now released “Lonely Press Play,” the second single off EVERYDAY ROBOTS.



The New Jersey trio will soon release their debut LP, SIGHS.  The first single off the album is “Disappearing.”  The band is offering it for free on its SoundCloud site.





King of Prussia

The band has a new double LP set for an Apr. 8 release, called ZONIAN GIRLS…AND THE ECHOES THAT SURROUND US ALL.   The first single is “Actuary”




The Bristol trio is offering “Dec 15th,” its debut single, as a free download.  The band features Owen Williams (Joanna Gruesome), Roxy Brennan (Two White Cranes), and Jake May.


Fear of Men

The first song off the Brighton band’s new album is “Waterfall.”  The name of the LP is LOOM.  The expected release date is Apr. 22.  The group also has a collection of earlier songs that came out last year called EARLY FRAGMENTS.


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