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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Morning Harvey

The Brisbane quintet have a video for their new single, “Girl Euphoria” (released March 15).   This is the first I’ve heard from the band.  Last year, it released its debut EP, WELL FOR WISHES, which I’ll definitely be seeking out.  Looking forward to hearing more.

Artist Contact:  Facebook – Bandcamp


Fear of Men

“Luna” is the second song released off the Brighton band’s debut LP, LOOM (due out Apr. 21).  See the February posting on this blog  for the first.  Unfortunately as of now, neither song is available for download.

Artist Contact:  Bandcamp – Facebook – Soundcloud – Website


Lead by Orville Bateman Neeley III, this Austin, TX based band have released a rockin’ new single called “No Time For The Blues” (not yet available for download).  It is off its upcoming album, THIRD TIME TO HARM (due out May 27).

Artist Contact:  Bandcamp – Facebook – Myspace

Little Racer

Here’s an innocently charming and instantly catchy single called “Dancing,” from Brooklyn’s Little Racer.  The song (not yet available for download) will appear on the upcoming MODERN ACCENT EP (due out April 8).   

Artist Contact:  Bandcamp – Facebook – Tumblr – Twitter

Pete Groch

This past September, Philadelphia’s Pete Groch released his S/T EP, which I’m just now coming across.  It contains a gem of a lead track called “Let Go.”  It and the EP are available from his Bandcamp site.  

Artist Contact:  Bandcamp – Myspace – Twitter

Craft Spells

This is the project of San Francisco’s Justin Paul Vallesteros.  “Breaking the Angel Against the Tide” is the first single off his new album, NAUSEA (due out June 10).  It is being offered for free from his label’s Soundcloud site.  

Artist Contact:  Facebook – Soundcloud – Tumblr – Twitter

Freddy Scott

Just for fun – a Nine Inch Nails parody.