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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Trick Mammoth

The Dunedin, New Zealand trio released its debut album, FLORISTRY, this past January.  “Pinker Sea” is one of several great songs on the LP.  

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The Len Price 3

The Medway trio released its fourth album this past March, entitled NOBODY KNOWS.  Two standout songs are the title track (especially) and “The Preying Mantis”.  The latter also has a video.  

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Bubblegum Lemonade

Glashow’s Lawrence “Laz” McCluskey (also of Strawberry Whiplash) released a new album this past November called SOME LIKE IT POP.  My favorite song is “Dead Poets Make Me Smile.”

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Once a week, I feature a review from the original print version of The Reconnoiter.  I began publishing it in November of 1990.  It followed a smaller version of the fanzine, which was called The Cog (1985 – 1989).  I periodically published The Reconnoiter until December of 1994.  The following is a review featured in the debut issue.  It’s of D.O.A.’s MURDER (1990).

Album number five is their most energetic in awhile.  With each LP, the band seems to sound a little less hardcore and a little more hardrock.  The over production here doesn’t help much either.  However, the fierce guitar rock along with the socially-responsible lyrics make it a descent release.  Over the past 13 years, D.O.A. has yet to lose the attitude or style that make it the best band to come out of Vancouver.  Chris Prohom replaces Dave Gregg on guitar.  How many different line-ups does that make this?  Joey “Shithead” Keithley’s growling vocals chainsaw through the cover of Creedence’s “Midnight Special,” a song that demanded the freedom of Nelson Mandela.  “No Productivity is a cover of the Subhumans (from Canada) tune – a group bassist Sunny Boy “Whimpy” Roy used to play in.  Also revived is “Waiting For You – Part 2” from the ’81 HARDCORE LP and “Warrior Lives Again,” which was originally entitled “The Warrior Aint No More” – here with new lyrics.  Three new faves are “We Know What You Want,” “No Productivity,” and “Concrete Beach.”

Wesley Wolfe

The Carrboro, NC artist released an outstanding album of catchy songs earlier this month called, NUMBSKULL.  Though difficult to choose a stand-out track (they’re all great), “Cloud Cuckoo” has surfaced as a fave.  

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The Prophet Hens

The New Zealand band released a terrific debut LP last August, entitled POPULAR PEOPLE DO POPULAR PEOPLE.  Unfortunately, I’m just now coming upon it for the first time.  The lead single is “Pretty.”  

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The Bon Mots

The Chicago quartet released their third album last month, BEST REVENGE.  “Pulling the Veil” is the standout track, but the entire LP is very addictive.  

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