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Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Len Price 3

Based purely on the number of plays, NOBODY KNOWS (released Feb. 3) is my favorite album of the year.  Last month, I posted a video for “The Preying Mantis.”  Here’s one for another song off the LP, “Swing Like A Monkey.”

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Brand New Hate

Back in March, I posted a video for a song from this Saint Etienne, France group’s latest LP, HANGOVER.  Here’s another one that has been spending a lot of time on my car stereo.  It’s called, “A Band On The Go”

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Sturgill Simpson

Last month, Simpson (from Jackson, KY) released his second album.  It’s called, METAMODERN SOUNDS IN COUNTRY MUSIC. “The Promise” is the song that caught my attention.  It now has a video to go along with it. 

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Cold Specks

The London (via Montreal) band (featuring the vocal talents of Al Spx) will release its second album, NEUROPLASTICITY, on Aug. 25.  The first single is  “Absisto.”

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Terminal City Ricochet

Once a week, I feature a review from the original print version of The Reconnoiter.  I began publishing it in November of 1990.  It followed a smaller version of the fanzine, which was called The Cog (1985 – 1989).  I periodically published The Reconnoiter until December of 1994.  The following is a review featured in the debut issue.  It’s of the soundtrack, TERMINAL CITY RICOCHET (1990).

“‘The Sky is falling!  Rock music is banned!  The mayor is addicted to the power of television…and public enemy number one is a rock’n’roll terrorist!’  A quote from the cover of the soundtrack to a new film featuring Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys).  12 killer tracks that promise a film not to be missed!  Opening the album, D.O.A. do a version of the Subhumans’ “Behind The Smile” (not found on the new D.O.A. LP).  Here too is D.O.A.’s new “Concrete Beach.”  Joey Keithley also has his acting debut in the film, playing the Dreaded Bikercop.  Next up is the Beatnigs performing one of my favorites from them, “Television.”  From the late 70s Vancouver punk scene is I, Braineater with an updated version of their “Planet X,” entitled “Modern Man.”  Gerry Hannah does a sad acoustic guitar and harmonica tune called “Living With The Lies.”  Art Bergmann (Young Canadians and Los Popularos) gives another good idea of what the film will be about with “War Party.”  Side B starts with Jello Biafra and D.O.A. (What a combo!) doing “That’s Progress.”  Evan Johns & The H-Bombs perform “Madhouse,” which I really don’t care much for.  Nomeansno do “It’s Catching Up” and a collaboration with Biafra called “Falling Space Junk (Hold The Anchovies).”  The Groovaholics (ex-D.O.A. guitarist Dave Gregg’s band) do “Pull The Trigger, Sunshine.”  The soundtrack ends with Biafra doing a version of “Message To Our Sponsor” along with Keith LeBlanc (Tackhead) providing the background music.  The film start Peter Buck, Jello Biafra, and Germain Houde.  It will hopefully come out sometime this winter.


I believe this is the solo debut of Boca Raton’s Fern E. (Shotgun Betty).  The acoustic pop song, “A&B,” is one of the prettiest sounding singles I’ve come across in a while.  Looking forward to hearing more.

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Nick Hakim

This Brooklyn (by way of D.C.) artist is set to release his debut EP, WHERE WILL WE GO, PT. 1, on July 14.  If the soulful “Cold” is any indication, it will be an quite an enjoyable record.

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