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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Public Access TV

“Rebounder” is the title track of the debut EP (due out Aug. 24) from John Eatherly’s (Be Your Own Pet) new band.  Unfortunately, it is not yet available for download.  In exchange for an e-mail address, you can get another great song off the EP called “Middle Child.” 

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Catfish and the Bottlemen

The North Wales quartet is set to release its debut album, THE BALCONY (due out Sept. 15).  The first single off the new LP is “Cocoon.”

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This is a band from Sweden that I don’t know much about.  They have three songs available for streaming on Soundcloud.  “Together” is the latest.  Hoping to find out more about this group soon.  At present, the songs are not available for purchase.  You can download them for free at their Last.FM page.  

Artist Contact:  Twitter – Last.FM


Work Drugs

“The Good In Goodbye” is the second single off the band’s seventh album, INSURGENTS (released Mar. 4).  The song features Kat Bean (Amanda X). 

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Real Estate

Back in February, I featured a stream of “Had To Hear.”  The song now has an official video.  It’s the lead track off the New Jersey band’s third album, ATLAS (released Mar. 4).  The songs is also available as a limited edition orange vinyl 7-inch single (b/w a cover of the Nerves’ “Paper Dolls”). 

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The Raveonettes

The opening track to PE’AHI (released July 22) is “Endless Sleeper.”  The Los Angeles band also has a video for it, directed by the duo’s Sune Rose Wagner.

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The Toronto band is set to release its eleventh album on Sept. 9.  Two songs from COMMONWEALTH are currently available:  “Cleopatra” and “Keep Swinging (Downtown).”  The former also has a video.

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