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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Allo Darlin’

The quartet (from Kent and Australia) is set to release its third LP, WE COME FROM THE SAME PLACE, on Oct. 7.  The second song available off the new album is “Bright Eyes.”  Search this blog for the first song, “Romance and Adventure.” 

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This past February I posted a stream of the band’s debut single, “Dec 15th.”  The song now has a video.  The Bristol trio is comprised of Owen Williams (Joanna Gruesome), Roxy Brennan (Two White Cranes), and Jake May. 

Artist Contact:  Bandcamp – Facebook


The New Jersey band (not to be confused with Seoul’s singer-songwriter Kim Young Min) features Zak Kaplan (The Ratchets), Pete Steinkopf (Bouncing Souls), Jamie Goldfarb (Miss TK and The Revenge), John Chladniček (Zero Zero), and Tara Jones (The Get Rights).  The band released a new 3-song EP this past July called SMALLTALK II.  The lead track is “The Last Ones.” 

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The Melbourne band has followed-up last year’s debut album with a new single called “BLVD” b/w “Ruby.”  It should be available from its Bandcamp site soon.

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The Brooklyn band released a new single called “Islip” on Sept. 17.  This follows its S/T EP released last year.

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The Boston band have released two tracks off their debut LP, SUBTLE LUXURIES (due out Oct. 1).  “Death Beach” can be streamed and “Green On The Grass” is now available for download. 

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This is the project of Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy and his son, Spencer.  The second video (search this blog for the first) from their debut 20-song album is for “Low Key.”  It features several cameos!  SUKIERAE came out Sept. 23. 

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