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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Monoblok & Pslktr

The duo (AKA Yann Aubertot and Benoît Mascot) from northern France released a video for its single “Relapse”, last month. 

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Crushed Beaks

Earlier this month, this blog featured a stream of “Rising Sign” – the lead single off the London band’s debut album, SCATTER (due out February 9).  Now there is a video for a second song off the LP, “Overgrown.”

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Will Butler

Arcade Fire’s percussionist and synth player is poised to release his debut solo album, POLICY (due out Match 10).  He just put out a video for the second single off the LP, “Anna.”

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Menace Beach

The Leeds quintet released its debut album, RATWORLD, on January 19.  It now has a video for a song off the LP called “Tastes Like Medicine.”

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Death Cab For Cutie

The first single from the Seattle band’s eighth album, KINTSUGI (due out Match 31) is called “Black Sun.”

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Ariel Pink

Pink (aka Rosenberg) has made another video for a song off his album, POM POM (released this past November).  This one is for “Dayzed Inn Daydreams.”  The video features Rick Wilder (The Mau-Mau’s, Berlin Brats). 

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Ultimate Painting

The duo of Jack Cooper (Mazes) and James Hoare (Veronica Falls) has a new video for a song off its S/T debut album (released this past October).  It is for “Riverside.”

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