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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Jimmy McGriff

Philly’s master of the Hammond B-3 released a very good album in 1970 called ELECTRIC FUNK.  “Chris Cross” is my favorite song off the LP.



“In Time” is the Sydney band’s first single after three of its four members left the group late last year.  Jordan Sturdee is the only remaining original member. 

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Violent Femmes

This first new music from the Femmes in 17 years is a 12-inch vinyl EP called HAPPY NEW YEAR NEXT YEAR.  It is a special release for this year’s Record Store Day (April 18).  In addition to the title-track, it contains three other new songs (“Good At/For Nothing,” “Fast Horses,” and “Love Love Love Love Love”).  We can now stream that last song.

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Best Coast

“Heaven Sent” is the second single off the Los Angeles duo’s third album, CALIFORNIA NIGHTS (due out May 4).  The first is the title-track.

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Sly & the Family Stone

“Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” b/w “Everybody is a Star” (1969) is one of the first mainstream funk singles, reaching the top of the U.S. charts in 1970.  Both songs were released on the GREATEST HITS LP (1970). 

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James Brown

One of the most frequently sampled rhythmic breaks is Clyde Stubblefield’s solo in “Funky Drummer” (1970).  Hear it introduced at 4:30 and alone at 5:20.

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James Brown and The Famous Flames

Lately, I have been exploring old funk songs.  Since this blog has mainly focused on new releases that have made it to my iPod, I have not posted anything in several weeks.  Although these songs may already be well known to many, hopefully this blog can help some classics (of funk and other genres) reach new audiences as well.  So this blog will now expand from only new releases to include all songs that I am currently listening to the most.  I will start off with “Out of Sight” b/w “Maybe The Last Time” (1964). 

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