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Jimmy McGriff

Philly’s master of the Hammond B-3 released a very good album in 1970 called ELECTRIC FUNK.  “Chris Cross” is my favorite song off the LP.



The Philadelphia (originally from Austin) quartet released its second album this past August.  It now has a video for a song off of CHORUS.  It is for “New Jacket.”

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The Philly band has a new video for a song off its split 4-song EP with Oakland, CA’s Whirr (released Oct. 31).  It’s for “Chloroform.”

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Purling Hiss

The Philly power pop trio led by Mike Polizze (Birds of Maya) released its fifth album.  It’s called WEIRDON (came out Sept. 23).  “Where’s Sweetboy” is my favorite off the LP.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a video or stream of that song to present here.  Instead, a second fave – “Six Ways to Sunday.”

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Pieta Brown

Brown has a duet with Philadelphia singer-songwriter Amos Lee called “Do You Know?”  It can be found on her new album, called PARADISE OUTLAW (released Sept. 30).  That’s the song that turned me on to this fine album.  No stream/video available for it yet, but another fave is “Ricochet.” 

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The Dead Milkmen

The title track to PRETTY MUSIC FOR PRETTY PEOPLE (due out Oct. 7) now has a video.

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The War On Drugs

The Philly band recently released another video off its fourth LP, LOST IN A DREAM.  This one is for “Under The Pressure.”  See my posting in April for a video of “Red Eyes.”

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